The good deeds of artist Zebiba and her daughter


Sifu on EBS - The good deeds of artist Zebiba and her daughter. We all want to do good! For yourself, for your loved ones, for the planet, and society in general. Good deeds, no matter how big or small, have a double effect. We look positive and feel great at the same time. 


Celebrating this happy ripple effect in 108 countries is Good Deeds Day, an annual celebration of doing good deeds around the world. Check out this list of 52 ideas to help you do good throughout the year and make a positive difference in the world.


Make a double batch of delicious food and give it to your neighbors. Buy a bag of delicious food and donate it to your local food bank or animal shelter. Cut fresh wildflowers and bring them to a local nursing home for residents to enjoy. Take a well-behaved dog to a local foster home.


Leave the door open for the person behind you. Bring plants and fresh flowers to the less fortunate. Cook a meal for a friend recovering from surgery or illness. Free Babysitting - Parents are always welcome for a much-needed break. For those who have been widowed in the family, put together a basket of sweets and deliver it after the funeral. 


Volunteer for a charity. Agree to donate a cash gift to a charity of your choice instead of purchasing a gift for a family member. Helps parents who have trouble getting out of the stroller or climbing stairs. 


Give up your seat on the bus to an elderly, pregnant, disabled, or tired person. Keep the city clean by picking up plastic bottles and other trash you see around your neighborhood. Visit a nursing home and chat with some of the residents. 


Smile at everyone you meet on the street. After reading the book, pass the book on to others so they can enjoy it. If you find a nice little restaurant or shop, please spread the word. Let go of old grudges. Please use it for gift wrapping for the holiday season.

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