Ethiopian traditional spa Weyba Tis and facial that removes blackheads


Ethiopian traditional spa Weyba Tis that restores the balance of childhood and The facial that removes blackheads on EBS TV.


A program focusing on fashion and beauty.  The show features different thoughts behind one’s self presentation, personal traits that are assumed by others about the choices of clothing, physical attractiveness and clothing attractiveness, common stereotypes with regards to clothing, makeups and others related to beauty.

No holiday is complete without a moment or more of relaxation. And if it comes with added health benefits, then that’s even better. Weyba Tis is a time-honoured Ethiopian beautification traditional spa that is similar to a sauna. 



The process involves setting local wood and wild herbs alight within a hole in the ground. The patron usually a woman  is then wrapped in blankets and sat on a chair that has been positioned over the smoke-pit. As the fumes encapsulate the body they open up the pores, and the treatment is said to cure back.

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