Let us make it a year in which people are celebrated


Let us make it a year in which people are celebrated. According to studies, one of the main benefits of turning a book into a movie is watching the characters come to life and giving your imagination a sense of reality. When reading a book, many individuals struggle to imagine the characters and settings, but watching a movie makes it quite easy to do so. 


Finding and appealing to a larger audience is yet another fantastic justification for making books into movies. Hardly everyone enjoys reading books; in fact, many people find it difficult to do so; Nonetheless, they almost universally find enjoyment in watching movies. What’s more, language might be a hurdle when it comes to books; a brilliant narrative might have been written in a tongue we don’t know.


Films that are based on books also offer a unique viewpoint since the directors often add their touches and take some creative liberties. This offers the audience a fresh perspective, especially for those who have already read the book. In addition, a movie lasts around two hours as opposed to hundreds or even thousands of pages in a book.


Adaptations have drawbacks as well. Compared to a fast-paced film, books are typically more descriptive, making it simpler for readers to identify with the feelings of a character. Even while the movie may be well-made on its own, many aspects are lacking when you compare it to the book, including the omission of historical details that the book takes the reader through.


Many movie adaptations fall short of the richness that a book can provide. Audiences often expect the film to portray everything that is in the book, and frequently don’t appreciate the artistic license that a director takes with a novel.


Similar to how individuals picture the characters they read about, casting decisions made by filmmakers are not always appropriate for the audience’s imagination. 

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