Resident Of Ashewa Meda Call For Help To Stop The Violence


Resident Of Ashewa Meda And Burayu Call For Help To Stop The Violence 


“It beggars belief that 1.4 million people fleeing violence isn’t making global headlines. The world has turned a blind eye to Ethiopia,” warned Nigel Tricks, Regional Director of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). “Families we have met who have fled fighting are living in dire conditions, and dismal international funding is being channeled to help them.”

According to NRC, the Ethiopian government and aid agencies are working hard to respond to the situation; but with around one million newly displaced people in Gedeo and West Guji. Overcrowded communal shelters, food provisions, water and health services are stretched beyond capacity.

The affected areas was one of the most densely populated parts of Ethiopia, with the influx of people now doubling the population in some areas; it said that “the current rainy season is also worsening peoples’ living conditions and hindering the humanitarian response.”

According to the aid agency, the Ethiopian government is working to bring about peace and security. This process and the support for early return of displaced people are priorities for all. NRC said that while some families have started their return home to Gedeo and West Guji; but many houses have been destroyed.

“People tell us they are keen to return home, but they fled with nothing and need to know they can access support to rebuild their lives. It’s important that any returnees are voluntary and sustainable. Families must also be confident of the safety of the areas before moving back,” said Tricks. 

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