EID AL FITIR 2019 Special Program


Ethiopia: EID AL FITIR 2019 Special Program On Fana Television 


A party conversant with the tenets of democracy and is committed to their implementation continually strives to deepen the political consciousness of its members and keeps abreast of local and global developments to help it make the right decision; its door is always open to frank discussions so as to forge a unity of purpose and action among members; it institutes a transparent and accountable system which has no place for rumor-mongering, conniving and backbiting; it enlists professionals and researchers to generate policies and strategies that appeal to voters; and it engages in a deliberate effort to purge itself of outdated habits and takes up attitudes and action in keeping with the times.

This is instrumental in ensuring that its members are informed, principled and set a positive example. Ethiopia has no need for ignorant parties that are intolerant of anyone who does not subscribe to their belief. An uninformed politician is akin to a rudderless ship. Sticking with the tired politics of deception is bound to rob one of credibility. A party lacking credibility can barely survive as a viable entity let alone accomplish its objectives.

These days the proponents of citizen politics and ethnic politics are engaged in animated discussions. It’s sad and indeed a weakness to turn the differences between the two ideologies into an acrimonious battle. Isn’t it possible to conduct a civilized dialogue among the advocates of both sides without name calling or labeling? Can’t the divergence between them be accommodated democratically?

There is no reason why these rival schools of thought need to become sources of intractable conflicts. As the public is the ultimate arbiter of which one it wants to go with the defenders of each camp ought to best the other with superior ideas.

It’s impractical to engineer the hegemony of one of the ideologies but try wipe out the other. The objective conditions in Ethiopia now allow the free expression of all sorts of ideas. Given the relatively broader political space prevailing in the country therefore resorting to bigotry is essentially not only undemocratic, but also irrational.

Neither the public nor the nation has any use for parties which brandish democratic-sounding names but in practice reek of totalitarianism.

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