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Takele Uma's Resopnse About Menelik Secondary School


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Ethiopia: Takele Uma's Resopnse About Menelik Secondary School


When one thinks about a job or employment, the first things one pictures is a regular office setting, may be a customary cubicle with a personal computer and stationaries. Or if one wants to go a bit fancier, a corner office with a view and perhaps a personal assistant bustling through the day’s calendar and answering phone calls.

All these imageries are not far off if one is thinking of the traditional work setup. Well, it is a brave little world that we live in these days; thanks mainly to revolutionary tech industry the traditional work setup is gradually fading away. Today, employees in a dotcom firm or those in the technology sector are finding the traditional workplace arrangement increasingly unproductive; instead relaxed lounge-like workspaces are preferred by the days’ leading companies.

Not only that, some are chartering on new approaches to employment which might not even require the worker to be physically present in the workplace. With online systems to handle things like job assignments and payments, the new job market appears to have given back the work force full control of his/her time and money.

Non-traditional jobs today come in all shapes and sizes and, in this regard, a growing number of young professionals in Addis Ababa are choosing to work part time or on a contract basis these days, avoiding the office politics and the 9 to 5 tedium of full time employment.

These young professionals, usually from the creative industry, specialize in a specific task and work in different companies, often simultaneously. Writers, graphic designers, web or software developers, photographers, accountants, business consultants, gender experts and many others are choosing the freelance route. But are they actually finding jobs?

Freelance Ethiopia is an increasingly popular telegram channel connecting potential employers and freelancers. SemegnTadesse, founder of the channel says he began the channel for his own services. “I couldn’t find the right people for the companies I started. I needed people with specific skill sets. Too specific that they couldn’t be recruited without Freelance Ethiopia,” he says. His companies frequently look for web and software developers, designers, sales people and several other professionals.

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