Mesay Mekonnen on ESAT & Ginbot 7


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Mesay Mekonnen on ESAT & Ginbot 7 | Ethiopia | Neamin Zeleke


High ranking officials of the National Defense Force have visited the National Palace to view the projects being undertaken in the compound.

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed also joined them in a briefing on the holistic contribution to citizens of city wide dev’t projects under the ‘Beautifying Sheger’ initiative.

Beautifying Sheger Project is a three year initiative of the Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed which aims to lift the image of the capital Addis Ababa and boost urban tourism.

The one-billion US dollars project will run along the rivers of Addis Ababa, developing green spaces starting from Entoto to Akaki alongside the 56km river streams until they reach Akaki waste water treatment plant.


There is a broad consensus that party politics in Ethiopia, which dates close to half a century, has by and large been the anti-thesis of democracy. From left-leaning parties responsible for Red Terror, one of the darkest chapters in modern Ethiopian history, to the parties existing today the vast majority are alien to the fundamental principles of democracy. Parties that live up to their name are wellsprings of policy alternatives; they are institutions articulating the views and interests of the public and the birth place of future leaders; they enable individuals and groups to pursue different political goals in an organized manner; they serve as platforms for the unfettered expression of diverse ideas; they are forums guided by a certain school of thought and course of action which gain acceptance after critical discourse; and they epitomize transparency and accountability. Are present-day parties prepared to embody these attributes? Do they possess the capacity eschew the politics of lies and deliver good governance. These and similar other questions demand an answer.

Though it’s undeniable that political parties play a vital role in the process of democratization, the fact that over 100 registered parties are operating in Ethiopia has sparked an intense conversation. The merger of like-minded parties in recent weeks has given rise to hope that such consolidation will eventually result in the survival of a few strong parties and bodes well for the country and its people. This said political parties of all stripes must first and foremost practice democracy internally. Preaching about democracy without living it first is the height of hypocrisy. It’s an open secret that practically all parties are the personal properties of their founders or leaders. Such a state of affairs needs to be fundamentally changed if they are to become democratic themselves and adopt a pragmatic program reflective of the reality on the ground. The journey to democracy cannot succeed with the usual politics of lies.

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