Koshe garbage dump landslide for the third time

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Ethiopia: Koshe garbage dump landslide for the third time 


The elite have a duty to play an active role in promoting a culture of discourse free from irrationality and bigotry. It’s also incumbent on them to desist from utilizing social media for nefarious purposes and commit themselves to producing a generation of youth which are critical thinkers and possess a heightened sense of politically consciousness. No one should be allowed to exploit the youth’s inability to curb their emotions to perpetrate atrocities against fellow citizens and generally wreak havoc. As the youth mature and begin to understand their environment they will be able to go beyond asking questions and generate solutions for the problems they encounter. And as the lens through which they view the world broadens it will be easier to uphold the rule of law, move the process of democratization forward, ward off lawlessness and dictatorship, deepen the culture of tolerance, and build a nation where equality reigns.

The courteous and far-sighted people of Ethiopia have consistently demanded for good governance throughout history. Leaders have to have a profound insight into the needs of the public to solve the knotty problems tormenting Ethiopia in a manner ensuring the participation of each and every stakeholder. Intellectuals, religious leaders, elders, civil society organizations, educational institutions, the business community, the youth, women and other segments of society all can contribute a lot in terms of dealing with the nation’s testing challenges. If Ethiopians achieve modernity anchored in indigenous knowledge and values, Ethiopia’s prospects will be limitless. Naturally this potential can be fully realized insofar as politicians and activists distance themselves from any and all deplorable acts that in no way advance the public interest. Anyone caught up in such practices will in due course be exposed for who they are and meet an ignominious end. They are better advised to make a meaningful contribution transcending generations. That is why there can be no disputing the fact that overcoming Ethiopia’s complex problems requires a profound insight.

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