How to Regrow Hair After Hair Loss (Women)

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Any person can experience hair loss at any age. Hair loss has many causes from medical conditions such as alopecia, to treatments for cancer, or even just age (hair loss or thinning is common for postmenopausal women). For women, hair loss may be especially distressing since many may identify beauty with hair. If you’ve experienced hair loss and want to regrow your mane, there are many different ways to do this, including home and medical treatments

Practice good hair care. In some cases, poor hair care can cause hair loss or prevent regrowth. Using good and healthy hair care habits can help you regrow your hair.

Wash your hair regularly and gently. Clean your hair and scalp regularly and in a gentle manner with shampoo and conditioner. This can help you not only regrow your hair, but prevent damage that may cause further hair loss.

  • Wash your hair every other day or as little as necessary. Frequent washing can damage your strands.
  • Massage shampoo into your scalp and into the length of your hair.
  • Rinse by allowing water to flow from your scalp down the ends of your hair. Don’t rub your hair as it rinses, which may cause damage or hair loss.
  • Apply a conditioner to your hair. After you finish washing and rinsing your hair, apply a conditioner along the length of your hair from ends to scalp. This can help prevent further hair loss through damage, including breaking.
    • Make sure to use conditioner every time you wash your hair.
    • Dry your hair cautiously. Drying your hair with towels and hair dryers can cause damage and impede hair growth. Dry your hair with caution to help prevent breakage and promote regrowth.
      • After you’ve washed your hair, use a towel to rub or pat your strands dry. Avoid the temptation to wrap your hair in a towel, which can damage your hair and cause breakage.
      • Let your hair air dry if possible.
      • If you use a hair dryer, use the lowest heat setting. Reducing the number of times per week that you use a hair dryer can also promote hair growth.
      • Avoid vigorous or frequent brushing and combing. If you brush or comb your hair, try and do this as infrequently and gently as possible. Reducing how often you brush or comb and changing the way in which you do it can help promote hair growth and prevent damage.
        • Only brush your hair to style it. It’s a myth that you should brush your hair 100 strokes a day.
        • Allow your hair to air dry a bit before brushing or combing after washing.
        • Use a wide toothed comb to untangle wet hair. This will cause less damage than a brush.
        • If your hair is tangled remove tangles gently and use a conditioner to help you if necessary.

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