Betoch - Comedy Drama Episode 258

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Ethiopia: Betoch Comedy Ethiopian Series Drama Episode 258 "Gabechaw"


Ethiopia may turn the corner and become a better home for its citizens when, first and foremost, the act of gambling with its survival comes to an immediate stop. Next follows the task of building strong institutions capable of upholding the rule of law faithfully. Then the future of the country will be laid on a solid basis, paving the way for it to be the shining star of democracy in Africa. This will not remain a pipe dream insofar as a crop of selfless politician and rights advocates come to the fore. Sadly Ethiopia is teeming with politicians and activists that preach the virtues of peace in public but fuel conflicts behind the scene. They are responsible for the death of thousands and the displacement of over three million innocent citizens over the past one year. Particularly active on social media they spew a venomous rhetoric which not only disheartens hard-working folks who are contributing their share to the welfare of compatriots, but also jeopardizes the very foundation on which Ethiopia is built. That is why they need to undertake a critical self-examination and desist from destructive acts.   

Politicians and activists must possess a personality that the current generation of youth as well as coming generations emulates. Aside from having the requisite educational qualifications, skill and experience such personality should be buttressed with civility, integrity and a commitment to public service. A society steeped in the principles of ethical behavior has no place for a politics of hatred, treachery or vengeance; it produces heroes who stand firm in the face of all adversity for what they believe in. The people of Ethiopia cannot be faulted for lacking this attribute. The astounding defeat they handed to the invading Italian army at the Battle of Adwa is proof that they are capable of achieving improbable feats if they have good leaders. The first victory by a black nation over a European colonialist power signifies Ethiopians’ bottomless love for their country. It’s a disgrace to wreak havoc on the nation while it is possible to become great by governing such brave, patriotic and far-sighted people the right way. Any and all politicians and activists bent on promoting division rather than unity have to be told that enough is enough. It’s high time that they engage in a serious introspection.

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